60+ Fun Dares To Do With Friends | At Home, Online, Over Text | 2021

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Fun Dares To Do With Friends
60+ Fun Dares To Do With Friends At Home, Online, Over Text | 2021

Some people like truth and some like dares for adventure in the truth or dare game.

And it’s natural when you are playing this game with your friends, you would want them to do crazy or embarrassing things.

Being with friends or spending time with them is always fun therefore, here are super fun dares to do with friends, whether it is a house party or truth or dare game over text with friends.

One of the best things about the truth or dare game, it helps you know your friends on a deeper level while making them do really embarrassing things!

This list has some really good dares for truth and dare games, that include funny, embarrassing, romantic dares!

Take a look below and pick the fun dares to do with friends at home, online, or over text. Enjoy daring!

Fun Dares To Do With Friends At Home 2021

“Call your crush up and ask him/her out. Trust us, he/she is been waiting for this day for a long time now.”

“Try eating a snack without using your hands.”

“Ring your neighbor’s doorbell and randomly ask for a cup of sugar in full Bollywood style.”

“Belly dance, twerk or do the moonwalk in front of everyone.

“Call your crush’s mom and tell her that you love her daughter/son.”

“Walkout and say “I love you” to the first person you see.”

“Take an embarrassing selfie and post it as your profile picture.”

“Remove your socks with your teeth.”

“Write your name on the floor with your tongue.”

“Talk to a pillow like it’s your crush.”

“Get into a debate with a wall.”

“Run around outside yelling, “I have lice!”

“Remove your underwear and throw it in the garbage.”

“Lick the wall.”

“Do your best s*xy crawl.”

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“Call your mom and tell her you’re pr*gnant. If you’re a guy, call your mom and tell her you got a girl pr*gnant.”

“Call your parents and tell them you’re in jail.”

“Prank call one of your family members.”

“Read aloud the last five things you searched on your phone.”

Best Funny Dare Questions For Friends 2021

“Down a glass of milk in 15 seconds!”

“Make out with your hand.”

“How many people have you kissed?”

“Who was your first kiss?”

“What is one thing that you never want your parents to know about?”

“Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?”

“Who is your current crush?”

“What is the longest you have ever gone without a shower?”

“What is the longest you have worn the same pair of underwear?”

“What is the biggest lie you ever told?”

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“Have you ever lied to answer a truth question?”

“Do you ever just stare at yourself in the mirror?”

“What are your real feelings about me?”

“If you could do whatever you wanted to me, what would it be?”

“When will you take me on our first date?”

Play Funny Dares For Friends Online 2021

“Try applying makeup without looking into the mirror. Don’t forget to click a selfie soon after.”

“Take a shower or dip in the tub full of cold water with your clothes on!”

“Poke some random dude/girl on Facebook.”

“Sing a romantic song”

“Open your front door and howl like a wolf for 30 seconds.”

“Cross your eyes when talking.”

“Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes.”

“Pick up a random book and read it in the most seductive voice you can manage.”

“Change your Facebook status to “I’m coming . . . I’m coming . . . ” Then, one minute later, change it to “I just came.”

“Take a n*ked selfie and send it to your partner.”

“Call a random phone number and ask if you can borrow $100.”

“Call your girlfriend/boyfriend and tell them you want to break up.”

“Take off all your clothes and continue the game in your underwear.”

“Bark like a dog.”

“Lick a bar of soap.”

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“Find your first crush on social and DM them.”

“Select one prank video from youtube and do exactly what they do in that video.”

“Send me the most recent text that you sent your mom”

Epic Funny Dares Over Text With Friends 2021

“Call your crush and ask them out on a date.”

“Call your biggest crush and tell them they are beautiful.”

“Fake cry.”

“Call your ex and tell them you miss them.”

“Text an emoji to the first 20 people on your contact list.”

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“Go live on Instagram and sing to your followers.”

“Post the last picture on your camera roll to your Instagram stories.”

“Take a picture of your weirdest pose and post it to one of your social media accounts.”

“Take an embarrassing photo and set it as your profile picture on one of your social media accounts.”

“Change your Facebook Relationship Status to “Getting Married.”

“Name 5 body parts that your partner likes to kiss.”

“Send a screenshot of your search history for the last 2 days”

There you have all the fun dares to do with friends!

Remember, it is for fun, make sure you have fun with friends, don’t do anything that can get you in trouble.

I hope, watching your friends do these dares get you a good dose of laughter. Enjoy, and take lots of fun pictures!

Moreover, check out these questions to ask your friends for the truth to help you make them choose dares.

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