FareDrop Deals Legit or Not? 2024

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S.No DestinationsFareDrop Fares(quoted)My fare(from Skyscanner)
1Toronto round trip to Chicago$239$173
2Edmonton round trips to Sydney$1107$802
3Perth round trips to Phuket$322$218

FareDrop deals are really legit?

In the above table, you can see that faredrop deals (hacker fare)are actually not as cheap as they claimed. Read till the end before trying their first 30 days free trial.

If you google search ‘Faredrop deals’, you will find some people are claiming that they have got cheap flight deals using FareDrop first 30 days free trial.

After all, who doesn’t like cheap deals? So, based on those positive reviews I’m analyzing faredrop deals (hacker fares)which I got from Faredrop in my 30 days free trial.

Step by step I’ll show you why faredrop subscription deals are not worth anything. Faredrop has claimed to provide the cheapest deals available for your selected countries and time frame.

After signup and registering on faredrop, I got 9 cheap deals in 9 different emails on the same day from FareDrop.

Honestly, I got excited and straightaway opened all the mails to know these deals really legit or it’s just a new way of business.

FareDrop deals

#Note: Here I’ve used 3 faredrop deals out of 9 deals for comparison which I got from Faredrop, with another cheap flight platform ‘Skyscanner’.

1st Comparison: Fly to Toronto round trip to Chicago Faredrop deals(error fare)

Actually, their mail said ‘Hi Vikram, Toronto round trips to Chicago dropped to $228 for some dates in November through October. These are the lowest fares (error fares)we’ve seen recently, much lower than the average $500’.

Faredrop 1st Deal

Basically, in the above-mentioned image, you can see some of the cheap and best airfare deals (Faredrop quoted).

Also, the difference between the normal fare of $500 and their quoted hacker fare of $228(dropped fare) is around $272 which was great. Surely, $228 is not a small amount when it comes to budget travel.

Interestingly, faredrop claims to help its users with the cheapest flights available but surprisingly, when I was comparing these fares (error fares)on Skyscanner, look at what I found.

Dates are around the same time in November.

My Fare
My Fare
Faredrop Fare
Faredrop Fare(error fare)

Not only, I found cheaper Toronto round trips to Chicago, but also around the same dates.

Undoubtedly, there is a difference of $62 between my researched fare on Skyscanner and FareDrop quoted fare.

#You can also find the cheapest deals here(other than faredrop) easily in 5 minutes like I found, using Skyscanner and Wego together.

Evermore, you can find the best deals which I found here, available throughout the day.

Undoubtedly, for a budget traveler like me, a $62 saving can be useful for 3 days travel budget, especially in Asian countries.

2nd Comparison: Flight to Edmonton round trips to Sydney deal

Similarly, their mail said, ‘Hi Vikram, Edmonton round trips to Sydney dropped to $1107 for some dates in December through September.

These are the lowest fares we’ve seen recently, much lower than the average $1600′.

Previously, in the 1st comparison, the difference between my fare and Faredrop error fare was around $62.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that I found $302 cheaper than the faredrop quoted. Nevertheless, look by yourself in the picture down below.

My Fare
Faredrop Error Fare

Surprisingly, you can easily compare both images and see that there is a $302 difference between faredrop deals quoted fare and my fare.

Even I was surprised to see this much difference in the two fares.

I’ve traveled India to Thailand round trip is $176 and more surprisingly my total travel cost for 12 days was less than $500.

What I’m trying to say here, at $300, you can easily enjoy a round trip to a beautiful place like Thailand or any Asian country(except Japan & Singapore).

Certainly, $302 is not a small amount and if you can save that amount without paying any ‘Subscription fee’ then it’s a way to go. Use my method to find cheap deals on flight tickets.

3rd Comparison: Fly to Perth round trips to Phuket deal

Similarly, the mail said in this deal as well, ‘Hi Vikram, Perth round trips to Phuket dropped to $291 for some dates in January through October.

These are the lowest fares we’ve seen recently, much lower than the average $600. This deal is on budget airlines, and extra fees may apply.

Faredrop has quoted $322 Jan-Dec throughout but when I searched on Skyscanner, I found a $104 cheaper than Faredrop quoted error fare in February.

Look at the image down below.


Finally, you can see the fare difference is $104, and also without any subscription fee of $49 $47.88 is charged yearly.

Recommended Apps/Websites for cheap airfares flight search


In this Faredrop legit deals (error fare) analysis, you can easily differentiate that fare drop error fares(deals) are not cheap.

Indeed expensive, airline ticket prices from fare drop are costlier than what I saw on other best flight websites like Skyscanner (used in this report).

However, faredrop may be helpful in identifying cheap airfares if you are looking for a specific month but I don’t think the subscription fee is doing any good for you.

Instead, for problem-free journeys, invest in a good-quality rucksack backpack or travel trolley bag.

Not surprisingly, you can find flights for the cheapest airfares on your own and without any subscription fee as well.

Basically, Faredrop was unable to produce, ‘Up to 80% off flights around the world’. Despite this, I researched all 9 deals other than these three comparisons.

Bonus Point

Comparatively, you can even find cheaper fares than, what I’ve found on Skyscanner. All you need to try different months and cities if that’s possible for you.

Actually, for cheap airfare flight deals, I use Skyscanner and Wego together to get an even cheaper fare than what Skyscanner quotes always.

My final verdict on Fare Drop.com

I would still suggest you try 30 day free trial at least and compare their so-called best/cheap domestic or international flights with my free ‘cheapest flight booking trick‘.

Generally, people don’t have time to do a lot of research and some do not want to do any research may be a lack of knowledge, just looking for an easy way to get the best flight deals.

I won’t recommend Faredrop after the free trial. Actually, you’ll realize after some time, using their subscription plan isn’t truly helping, if you compare it with Skyscanner or any other website like Skyscanner.

There is a reason, Skyscanner is the no. 1 reliable website when it comes to cheap flight searching for the last 3-4 years.

Get the cheapest hacker fare available using my own trick.

Also, I have booked Thailand tickets from Delhi, India to Phuket, Thailand for less than $80 using this trick.

To book cheap flight tickets, you can use Skyscanner which is my personal favorite, or many others like Wego, Kayak, and Momondo as well.

Perhaps, you can get a last-minute flight deal from faredrop but for that, you need to pay $49 and $47.99 yearly because there is no guarantee that you’ll get the last-minute flight deal in the first 30 days free trial.

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