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Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush Over Text

What better way to flirt than by coming up with a few flirtatious and intimate questions to ask?

Flirting is a terrific way to get to know someone and their boundaries, if your crush feels comfortable enough with you. 

Get the temperature rising with these flirty dirty questions to ask your crush over text.

Moreover, these questions help you keep them interested in boring mood or make him/her laugh.

Take a look and pick suitable questions for crush to give them a tingling effect.

Flirty Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush Over Text

Flirty Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush Over Text

“What is your favorite style of f0replay?”

“How likely will you do it without f0replay?”

“Have you ever done it outside in the open?”

“Have you ever tried it in the car?”

“Have you ever made out in a place you consider strange?”

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“Have you ever tried it with more than one person at the same time?”

“How long is too much when it comes to making 0ut?”

“What is your opinion of quickies?”

“Have you thought of a threesome ever happening in your life?”

“How much do you like s*x with a girl you love?”

“How much do like s*xting?”

“What are your s*xual fantasies?”

“Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes 0ff?”

“What if I want to tear your clothes? Would you allow me?”

“When first did you have s*x?”

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“What if I give you pleasure?”

“What are you best at in bed?”

“Are you a v*rgin?’

“What’s the best bedroom experience that you’ve ever had?”

“What’s your favorite thing to do to me?”

“Do you invite someone in on the first date?”

“Have you ever flirted with a stranger online?”

Dirty Questions To Ask Crush When Bored

Dirty Questions To Ask Crush When Bored

“Have you ever had a one-night [email protected]?”

“Do you like it when someone pulls your [email protected]?”

“Where is the naughtiest place you have done it?”

“Which part of your body do you feel I am most attracted to?”

“What would you do if you accidentally walk in on me [email protected]?”

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“How will you react if I kissed you right here and now?”

“How will you take it if I put my hand underneath your shirt right now?”

“What outfits do you like me to wear every time we meet?”

“What is the best kiss you have ever had?”

“How likely will you choose to do it with lights on vs. lights off?”

“Have you ever tried it with l*bricants? What is your take on l*bes?”

“What is your take between impromptu s*x vs. planned s*x?”

“What do you want me to do to you here right now?”

“What is the dirtiest dream you have ever had in your life? Did you like the dream?”

“Are you okay with me being naughty with you?”

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“Do you think lovemaking should happen anywhere, not just in a bed?”

“Are there any moves that you’ve never tried but always wanted to?”

“Do you like to mess around with extreme temperatures in bed, like ice or wax?”

“What kind of props do you like to use in the bedroom?”

“Can I use my t0ngue to kiss? Do you mind if I put that to further use?”

“What’s one thing you want me to do to you that I haven’t done?”

“What is your s*xy scene from a movie?”

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush To Make Her Laugh

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush To Make Her Laugh

“Do you prefer kinky s*x or romantic s*x?”

“Do you have a desire to watch other people have s*x?”

“What have you done s*xually with someone else?”

“Do you like it when I smack your b*tt?”

“Do you believe in having s*x on the first date?”

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“Would you go skinny dipping with me and let it lead to s*x?”

“Would you rather spit or swallow?”

“Do you prefer having s*x on the bed or in the shower?”

“How do you want me to unwrap you?”

“Have you ever given a lap-dance?”

“Would you rather be blindfolded or handcuffed?”

“Would you rather wear protection or risk getting pr*gnant?”

“Do you like it when I c-u-m inside of you?”

“Do you like it when I suck your n*pples?”

“Do you like it when I kiss both sets of lips?”

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“If I bought you l*ngerie would you wear it for me?”

“Do you like to give or receive h*ckeys?”

“Do you like being teased?”

“If we’re out shopping for clothes, would you sneak into a fitting room with me?”

“What if I touched you down there? Would you love it?”

“Do you like to see in the eyes while doing it?”

I hope these dirty questions to ask your crush helped you in conversation starters and have an engaging chat as well as icebreakers.

Moreover, to keep the conversation going, you can look at these follow-up questions for more ideas suitable for different moods and situations.

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