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Dinner Party Conversation Starters

Dinner parties as well as cocktails parties can be fun when you have amazing conversations.

However, to make these parties enjoyable you need to ask the right set of questions suitable to the situation or person.

Therefore, for engaging table talks at parties, here are some of the best questions to ask your friend, crush, or partner (gf, bf, husband/wife). 

Pick suitable dinner party conversation starters or icebreakers to keep the talk going and entertaining to enhance a relationship.

Try these if you need tips for dinner party conversation starters as well as icebreaker questions for adults and families.

Funny Dinner Party Conversation Starters

Funny Dinner Party Conversation Starters

“What’s the biggest fashion blunder you’ve ever made?”

“What’s your most embarrassing faux pas?”

“What’s your favourite guilty pleasure song/artist?”

“What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?”

“What’s your weirdest habit?”

“What’s your go-to funny story?”

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“What’s your best joke?”

“How do you procrastinate when you’re putting off doing something?”

“Is there anything you used to like but isn’t cool, so now you deny ever liking it?”

“Can anyone do any impressions or accents?”

“What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever googled?”

“What’s the most extravagant purchase you’ve ever made? Do you regret it?”

“What’s something weird or odd you do at home when nobody’s watching?”

“If you could trade looks with somebody here, who would it be and why?”

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“If you had to get a tattoo the size of a pack of gum, what and where would it be?”

Dinner Party Questions For Adults

Dinner Party Questions For Adults

“As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?”

“If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?”

“What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?”

“Which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal?”

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“Who is your favorite athlete?”

“What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?”

“If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what name would you pick?”

“Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?”

“What do you like to do on a rainy day?”

“Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?”

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“What is your favorite thing about the beach?”

“If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?”

Dinner Conversation Topics For Families

Dinner Conversation Topics For Families

“It’s been a busy week in the headlines. Let’s all share one item that makes us really glad we live in this country.”

“If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go? Would you take anyone with you? What would you do?”

“Share two things you know now that you didn’t know when you woke up this morning. How did you learn them?”

“Imagine someone walked in and gave this family (not just you) $20,000. What could we do with that money that we’d all appreciate?”

“What’s your best idea for a two-week family vacation? Where would you like to go and what would you like to do?”

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“If you could be a famous person for a week, who would you be and why?”

“If you could eat just one food everyday for a month and nothing else, what would it be?”

“What is one way you helped another person today?”

“If you could pick your own name, what would it be?”

“If you could have any pet, what would you choose and why?”

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters 

Cocktail Party Conversation Starters 

“Where did you grow up?”

“What is your dream job?”

“Have you ever met anyone famous? Or, if you could meet one famous person, who would it be?”

“What is the worst movie you’ve seen recently?”

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“What was your all-time favourite vacation and why? And where are you still dying to travel?”

“What’s your sign, and do you believe in astrology?”

“Do you believe in ghosts… and have you ever seen one?”

“If you could invite one famous person to this Thanksgiving dinner, living or dead, who would it be?”

“What was your favorite toy as a child?”

“What do you feel most grateful for this Thanksgiving?”

“What popular trend most annoys you?”

“What was your favorite subject in school and why?”

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“Who is your oldest friend, and how did you meet them?”

“What was your all-time favorite vacation and why? And where are you still dying to travel?”

Funny Table Talk Questions

Funny Table Talk Questions

“What breed of dog would you be?”

“What was the worst haircut you ever had?”

“If you were a wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?”

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“What would be your professional wrestling name? What would be your finishing move?”

“What food do you love that a lot of people might find a little odd?”

“What food does everyone love but you hate?”

“What was the worst style choice you ever made?”

“Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in the room? Why?”

“You have your own late-night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest?”

“What’s your best “my coworkers are crazy” story?”

“If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be?”

“What’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten?”

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“What is something you eat that other people would find gross?”

“What is the weirdest food combination you’ve made and tried?”

“What’s the best cake you’ve ever eaten?”

I hope these dinner party conversation starters helped you in engaging and fun conversations as well as icebreakers.

Moreover, to keep the conversation going, you can look at these follow-up questions for more ideas suitable for different moods and situations.

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