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Christian Father's Day Quotes

Celebrating father’s day with something religious is important because the role of a father in a Christian family is essential,

Father is a role model and source of strength for his family, especially his children.

Therefore here i have compiled these wise, foolish, kind, jealous, good, and bad Christian Father’s day quotes portrayed in them from Bible.

Take a look at this short collection of dad quotes on Father’s day to share with your special dad in a Father’s Day card or greeting.

Christian Father’s Day Quotes & Wishes From Wife

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Christian Father's Day Quotes From Wife

“A very Happy Father’s Day to you. May God is always there to bless you and the bond you share with our kids.”

“May Jesus is always there to shower you with happiness and blessings, for you make an amazing dad to our kids. Happy Father’s Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to you my dear. May God always impart you with the strength to be the dad you always have been.

“You have always thought of our kids before anything else and that’s what makes you a wonderful father. Happy Father’s Day to you.”

“Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you. May God is always there to protect you for your kids and for our family.”

“You have always been the best father and worked so hard for the comfortable life of our kids. May God always bless you. Happy Father’s Day.”

“Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful husband. May Jesus is always there to bless you on each and every step of your life.”

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“In this journey of fatherhood, may God is always there to enlighten you and support you. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day.”

“Greetings on Father’s Day to you my husband. May the blessings of Jesus always impart you with the strength to be the great father as always.”

“Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to you my husband. May Jesus always keep you safe and protected because you are very precious to us.”

“To the most amazing dad, I wish a very Happy Father’s Day to you my dear. You have been the thread who binds us all.”

“Happy Father’s Day to you. You always have been a great father and we are always proud of you. May God always bless you!!!”

“I was able to grow in a home full of peace and love, all thanks to having a Father as incredible as you are and who has done his best for us. Congratulations on your day Dad!”

“You are the best Father in the whole world, thank you for everything you have done for our family!”

Father’s Day Christian Greetings

Father's Day Christian Greetings

“Thank you for showing me love, just as our heavenly Father shows us, love.”

“God gave me the dad that He knew I would need. And He gave you the child He knew you could handle.”

“Your faith in God and your love for Him is why I am inspired by you and respect you.”

“Your wisdom is built upon the everlasting and omniscient guidance of our heavenly father. I am blessed to have your influence in my life.”

“I know that you know our heavenly father as well as I know you.”

“Throughout the Bible, there are accounts of blessings being passed down through fathers. I am blessed because of you being my father and because of who our heavenly father is.”

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“Thank you for teaching me the most important lesson in life. Thanks for teaching me what it means to be a Christian.”

“God gives boys fathers so they can learn how to be men, and God gives girls fathers so they can know how they should be treated by men.”

Happy Father’s Day Messages Catholic

Happy Father's Day Messages Catholic

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” Antoine François Prévost

“Many say, “My loyal friend,” but who can find someone worthy of trust? They just walk in integrity; happy are their children after them!” Proverbs 20: 6-7

“Every family needs a father — a father who shares in his family’s joy and pain, hands down wisdom to his children and offers them firm guidance and love.” Pope Francis

“In revealing and in reliving on earth the very fatherhood of God, a man is called upon to ensure the harmonious and united development of all the members of the family.” St. John Paul II

“To the brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and left hand. He uses both.” St. Catherine of Siena

“Love to be real, it must cost—it must hurt—it must empty us of self.” St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“Be firm, be virile, be a man. And then…be a saint.” St. Josemaria Escriva

“A man of prayer is capable of everything.” St. Vincent de Paul

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” J.R.R. Tolkien

“In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe, and the cross can all fit together.” G.K. Chesterton

Christian quotes about fathers

Christian quotes about fathers

“Dads know a lot. Grandpas know everything.”

“Some folks do not believe in heroes, however, they haven’t met my pa.”

A father is usually creating his baby into a touch lady.

And once she could be a lady he turns her back once more. Enid Bagnold

The quality of a father will be seen within the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets not just for himself, but for his family.

“It is less complicated for a father to own kids than for youngsters to own a true father.” Pope John XXIII

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“My father gave Maine the best gift anyone might offer another person: he believed in me” Jim Valvano

“Dads are most normal men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song.” Pam Brown

“The older I buy, the smarter my pa gets.”

“A nice man is one UN agency leaves others at a loss once he’s gone.” Paul Valery

The greatest issue a FATHER will do to his kids is to like their mother. Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

Old as she was, she still lost her pop generally. Gloria Naylor

The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I decided him, Dad!

“I’m as lucky as will be, for the world’s best pal belongs to Maine.”

“Dad, the memory you are simple, I know a day.

Missing you is that the broken heartedness that ne’er goes away.”

I hope you have found these Christian father’s day quotes to help you write a greeting card for your father.

Moreover, check out these quotes for family, mother, and dad to get more ideas that suit different moods and situations.


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