The cheapest way from Patong to Rassada Pier 2022

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Before knowing the cheapest way to get from Patong to Rassada Pier, I should tell you the things you can do at the Rassada pier. Basically Rassada pier is used for going to Phi-Phi islands which are the Tonsai pier. Moreover, you go to Krabi, Ko Pu, Ko Jum, and Ko Lanta from the Tonsai pier which is in Phi-Phi Islands.

Cheapest way to get from Patong to Rassada Pier
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4 ways to reach Patong to Rassada pier

  1. Public Transport+Walk
  2. Car Taxi & Bike Taxi by Grab
  3. Tour & Travel minibus
  4. Rented Vehicle (Car or Motorbike)

Now, the cheapest way to reach from Patong to Rassada pier

patong to rassada pier

Public Transport+Walk: Not surprisingly, the first option that is Public transport and a 4 km(2.5mi) walk is the cheapest, from Paton to Rassada pier. You just need to get an old blue public bus from Patong bus stand to Phuket town and from Phuket old town to Rassada pier by walking. Bus from Patong to Phuket town cost 30 Bhat per person which leaves you 4 km away from Rassada pier. Then from there, you can either walk 4km to keep it cheap transfer from Patong to Rassada pier or you can easily get a bike taxi for one person(40-60 bhat) or car taxi for a group (120-200 bhat).

However, I would recommend you to walk 4km from Phuket bus stop to Rassadar pier to get a free walking tour by yourself of Phuket town. There are 100s of small shops all over toward the way to Rassada pier. You can even do window shopping, if interested. Also, it’s an old town, you can see some very old buildings and shops which you won’t see when you go by tour & travel minibus to Rassada pier or taxi.

Other best way of going from Patong to Rasssada pier

Car Taxi & Bike Taxi by Grab(android & iOS): Getting a taxi to Rassada pier from Patong beach, Phuket is not cheap. A taxi will cost you around 300-500 Bhat. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap transfer from Rassada pier to Patong or Patong to Rassada but comfortable, then go by bus till Phuket town bus stop and from there, get a bike taxi or car taxi. It’ll be cheaper as well as comfortable.

Tour & Travel minibus: Many tours and travel companies or operator provides pickup and drop service from hotel for free. If you don’t want any hassle of finding a bus stop or taxi then, just book a tour to Phi Phi islands from your hotel or near a tour operator. They may charge you a little extra for the Phi Phi island tour however, you’ll a pickup and drop service with their tour.

Rented Vehicle (Car or Motorbike): Actually, this is the best travel option if you’re a group of two people. Just type your destination in Google Maps and you’ll be there in Rassada pier in 15-20 min as the roads are very smooth. However, if you are a solo traveler, then it would be a little expensive if you are traveling on a budget. Renting a basic bike cost 200-300 bhat per day(price may differ) plus fuel extra.

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Lastly, out of these 4 options for Patong beach to Rassada pier, I would suggest you use the first option if you are solo and want to enjoy a free Phuket town walking tour. Also, if you are looking for cheap Phi Phi tours from Rassada then I would recommend you to go to Phuket town and buy the Phi-Phi Islands tour from there. Tours are cheaper from Phuket town than Paton or Karon beach.

And, if you are a group of more than 3 people or a family then, go by bus till Phuket bus stop and from there get a taxi to the Rasaada pier. It’ll be comfortable and cheaper.