Best 170+ Meaningful Horse Quotes Of All Time 2023

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Meaningful Horse Quotes
Meaningful Horse Quotes

We have compiled some of the best meaningful horse quotes about posting horseback riding horse quotes on social media!

These are special horse quotes from cowboy, cowgirl, and positive & inspirational horse quotes that help you post amazing Instagram pics with these horse quotes.

Whether you are an avid horseback rider, a horse owner, or just someone who admires this amazing animal, you will love these horse therapy quotes, history, heaven quotes, poetic quotes, funny quotes, freedom, and friend quotes.

These ancient and beautiful animals have been admired by everyone from famous movie stars like John Wayne to renowned politicians such as Abraham Lincoln or Bojack horseman.

Have a look and get the best horse quotes for your social media followers.

Short Horse Quotes For Social Media Post 2023

These short quotes about horses are ideal for posting Instagram pictures with short captions because these quotes on horses are compiled in a way that they can go well on social media.

  • There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.
  • Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. -John Wayne
  • To ride on a horse is to fly without wings. – Anonymous
  • Horses lend us the wings we lack. – Pam Brown
  • Horses make a landscape look beautiful. – Alice Walker
  • The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.
  • When riding a horse, we borrow freedom. – Helen Thomsonhorse
  • No one can teach riding so well as a horse. C.S. Lewis
  • All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney
  • Success is letting go of fear. – Carl Wittaker
  • For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins. -Melissa James
  • A good attitude is the most important. Good talent is second. -George H Morris
  • A horse is worth more than riches. – Spanish Proverb

Best Horse Quotes From Cowboy 2023

Here we have accumulated some of the best cowboy quotes about horses for you to use if you are looking for the horse quotes from cowboy. Have a look at these quotes on horses and find your favorite quote.

  • Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. -W.C. Fields
  • I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man than the outside of the horse. -Ronald Reagan
  • A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand. -Pat Parelli
  • I’d rather ride on a Mustang, than in one. -BaileyAnn Neal
  • No heaven can heaven be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.
  • A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger than a man on foot. -John Steinbeck
  • I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse. -John Galsworthy
  • A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure. -Rebecca Carroll
  • There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse. -Rolf Kopfle
  • We have almost forgotten how strange a thing it is that so huge and powerful and intelligent an animal as a horse should allow another, and far more feeble animal, to ride upon its back. -Peter Gray
  • No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses. -Herman Melville
  • One can get in a car and see what man has made. One must get on a horse to see what God has made.
  • The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom. -Sharon Ralls Lemon
  • God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses. -R.B. Cunningham Graham

Amazing Cowgirl And Her Horse Quotes 2023

  • The cowgirl’s bumper sticker: Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!!
  • All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl.
  • Boyfriends come and go, but horses are forever.
  • I’m in a transitional relationship with my saddle!
  • Life is like a wild horse. You ride it or it rides you.
  • Leave a horse’s gate unfastened and he’ll be knocking on your window in the night.
  • Wild oats aren’t meant for sowing – but they make a nice trail snack.
  • Ask not what your horse can do for you – Ask what you can do for your horse.
  • May the horse be with you.
  • In training horses, one trains himself. – Antoine De Pluvinet
  • A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. – Pat Parelli
  • How to ride a horse: Step One – Mount the horse. Step Two – Stay mounted …
  • Coffee, Chocolate, Cowgirls… some things are just better rich.
  • A horse is an angel without wings.
  • Don’t look at a horse as an animal, look as if the horse is a real person. Because a horse can tell the difference.
  • I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.– Calamity Jane

Greatest Quotes About History And Horses 2023

This beautiful animal has been loved by famous movie stars like John Wayne to famous politicians such as Abraham Lincoln or Bojack horseman.

  • A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it.
  • The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable, and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back. – Amber Sentihorse
  • No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. – Winston Churchillhorse
  • I would travel only by horse if I had the choice. – Linda McCartneyhorse
  • There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. – Winston Churchillhorse
  • I can make a General in five minutes, but a good horse is hard to replace. –Abraham Lincoln
  • Wherever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoofprint of a horse beside it. -John Trotwood Moore
  • Through the days of love and celebration and joy, and through the dark days of mourning – the faithful horse has been with us always. -Elizabeth Cotton
  • A dog may be man’s best friend…but the horse wrote history.”
  • The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.
  • By reason of his elegance, he resembles an image painted in a palace, though he is as majestic as the palace itself. – Emir Abd-el-Kader
  • On the back of a horse, you will find Paradise. -Stella A. Walker
  • One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. – Paulo Coelho
  • There is one respect in which beasts show real wisdom… their quiet, placid enjoyment of the present moment. – Schopenhauer
  • When riding a horse we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground. – Juli Carlson
  • A polo handicap is a personal ticket to the world. – Sir Winston Churchill

Positive & Inspirational Horse Quotes 2023

Here is a list of positive inspirational horse quotes for posting Insta pic or Fb posts that express or show your thoughts on horse therapy.

  • Fascination with horses predated every other single thing I knew. Before I was a mother, before I was a writer, before I knew the facts of life, before I was a schoolgirl, before I learned to read, I wanted a horse. – Jane Smiley
  • A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. – Pam Brown
  • Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.
  • When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have. – Winston Churchill
  • Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of Solitaire. It is a grand passion. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy. – H.H. Isenbart
  • When God wanted to create the horse, he said to the South Wind, ‘I want to make a creature of you. Condense.’ And the Wind condensed. – Emir Abd-el-Kader
  • Your seat is a verb, and your reins are adjectives to add beauty and shape. – Pat Parelli
  • You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper. – Dagobert D. Runes
  • A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open. – Gerald Raftery
  • There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humor and the other is patience. – John Lyons
  • Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope. – Toni Robinson
  • Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in, and day-out. – Robert Collier
  • For a human to win, it is not necessary for a horse to lose. You should not have to take things away from a horse or break him in fragments in order to train him; rather you should add to the horse. The goal should be making, not breaking. – Cherry Hill
  • An old adage says that a good rider can hear his horse speak and a great rider can hear his horse whisper. – Elizabeth Letts
  • There is much we can learn from a friend who happens to be a horse. – Aleksandra Layland
  • It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you. – Lendon Gray
  • If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong. –Pat Parelli
  • If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward. For those who are often flattered or feared, the horse can be a welcome mirror of the best in human nature. – Clare Balding
  • A man of kindness to his horse is kind. But brutal actions show a brutal mind. He was designed thy servant, not thy drudge. Remember his creator is thy judge.

Quotes About Horses & Horse Therapy Quotes 2023

I’ve compiled all of my favorite horse therapy quotes here. These nice words go well for horseback Riding quotes as well as horse therapy quotes together.

  • The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave. -Ronald Duncan
  • When your horse follows you without being asked when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine…you know you are loved. -John Lyons
  • In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. -Helen Thompson
  • When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have. -Sir Winston Churchill
  • You can see what is man-made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse. -Charles M. Russell
  • There is something about riding down the street on a prancing horse that makes you feel like something, even when you ain’t a thing. -Will Rogers
  • There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. -Sir Winston Churchill
  • A horse can lend its rider the speed and strength he or she lacks – but the rider who is wise remembers it is no more than a loan. -Pam Brown
  • His hooves pound the beat, and your heart sings the song. -Jerry Shulman
  • The horse moved like a dancer, which is not surprising. A horse is a beautiful animal, but he is perhaps most remarkable because he moves as if he always hears music. -Mark Helprin, A Winter’s Tale
  • For there is no other feeling in the world to compare with it if one loves a great horse. It gives a thrill that nothing else ever can. It cannot be put into words, because words cannot express it. -Samuel Riddle

Nicely Written Poetic Horse Quotes 2023

These are the best poetic quotes on horses that we can compile through a handful of available sources, however, we will update this poetic horse quotes list as soon as we get something valuable.

  • Slippery-smooth rhythmic motion, absolute single-minded purpose, motion for the pleasure of motion itself. It was terrible in its beauty, the flight of the horse. -Larry Niven, Rainbow Mars
  • A horse gallops with his lungs perseveres with his heart and wins with his character. -Tesio
  • You took me to adventure and to love. We two have shared great joy and great sorrow. And now I stand at the gate of the paddock watching you run in an ecstasy of freedom, knowing you will return to stand quietly, loyally, beside me. -Pam Brown
  • Bread may feed my body, but my horse feeds my soul. – Arabian Poet
  • A horse in the wind – a perfect symphony. -Author Unknown
  • Do not underestimate a horse’s pride, or he will dent yours.
  • Never drink down-stream from your horse!

Excellent Heaven And Horses Quotes 2023

  • There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse. – Missy Lyons
  • It is the horse’s gift to connect us with Heaven and our own footsteps. -Ronni Sweet
  • The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears. -Arabian Proverb
  • You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That’s what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder… ‘What can heaven offer any better then what I have here on earth?’ -Monica Dickens
  • The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you got on. It is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible, the change is for the better.
  • Riding never gets easier. You just get better.
  • He knows when you’re happy. He knows when you’re comfortable. He knows when you’re confident. And he always knows when you have treats.
  • One who believes that he has mastered the art of horsemanship has not yet begun to understand the horse.
  • A stubborn horse walks behind you, an impatient horse walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you.
  • Horse thou art truly a creature, for thou fliest without wings and conquest without a sword.
  • At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by the trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other. Each is the selfless guardian of the other’s very well-being.
  • Date someone who spoils you loves you respects you… and never questions how much you spend on your horses.
  • The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse.
  • Ask me to show you poetry in motion and I will show you a horse.
  • One must think when looking at a horse in motion, that he hears music inside his head.
  • When the Almighty put hoofs on the wind and a bridle on the lightning, He called it a horse.
  • Stay away from a horse long enough and you’ll start tapping your fingers to the beat of a trot.
  • Half the failures in life result from pulling in one’s horse when it is leaping.

Cute & Funny Horse Quotes & Sayings 2023

Here is a this of cute quotes about horses as well as funny horse quotes for you today. These nicely said words go well for horse therapy quotes as well if you are looking for something humorous.

  • Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management. – George H. Morris
  • What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age. – French Proverb
  • Words are as beautiful as wild horses, and sometimes as difficult to corral. – Ted Berkman
  • Horse… If God made anything more beautiful he kept it for himself!
  • When your horse bolts for 10 minutes flat, you know to get off and give up. The question is, how? – Annarose Robinson
  • Love is.. paying a £500 vet bill for a horse worth £50.
  • You can lead your horse to water, but you can’t stop him from pulling you away!!!
  • My horse is very quick. Sometimes he’s so quick he leaves me behind.
  • My horse is a security conscience… he always likes to bolt the stable door when I leave.
  • The hardest thing about learning to ride is the ground!
  • The Joy of horses is not the riding, jumping, racing, showing, or grooming, but of owning!!!
  • A polo pony is like a motorbike with a mind of its own weighing half a ton.
  • A western horse has guts and commitment, an English horse has grace and elegance, but my horse has it all!
  • You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink,” is an old saying that is not exactly true, because anybody that’s ever been around horses would know if the horse didn’t want to go to water then it wouldn’t!!
  • When to see a horse you think low intelligence, to see a man high intelligence, but to mix to make a friendship you seem to get greater intelligence.
  • Be wary of the horse with a sense of humor. – Pam Brown
  • As the wind swept over the saddle, it turned to a mixture of bright colors and painted the world. – Ronan Warriors
  • Horse sense – something that horses have that stops them betting on humans.
  • Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness didn’t know where to buy a horse.

Short Horseback Riding Quotes For You 2023

If you are looking for short high horse quotes then these are the quotes for you. We have acco=umulated these horseback riding quotes written by some the famous celeberties and great people in thes history on horse riding, horse therapy, wild horse and dark horse as well.

  • Riders who force their horses by the use of the whip only increase their fear for they then associate the pain with the things that frighten them. -Xenophon
  • A horse is like a violin, first, it must be tuned, and when tuned it must be accurately played.
  • If you are a rider, the number one thing to do is … marry money! – Anonymous
  • Every time you ride, your either teaching or un-teaching your horse. – Gordon Wright
  • Riding is not a sport, it is a passion. If you do not share the passion, you do not know the sport, and therefore are wasting your time.
  • A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper. But a bad rider won’t hear his horse even if it screams at him!
  • Heels down and head up, knees down and Heart up, Ankles close to your horse’s side, elbows close to your own.
  • There is nothing like a rattling ride for curing melancholy! – Pared
  • Good horses make short miles.
  • Jumping: It’s just doing flat-work in the air.
  • And on the seventh day … god went riding!
  • Jumping is just a dressage with speed bumps!
  • Riding the Shire is like a moving sofa!!!
  • Horses give us the wings we lack.
  • Gott my horse, got my dog, need no cowboy!
  • Whinnying is everything.
  • When in doubt, leave one stride out!
  • Been There… Jumped That!
  • You never get the pleasure of owning a horse…
  • I whisper to my horse, but he never listens!
  • Some are slaves on the ground but are free on a horse.
  • You can love horses and ride it and a horse can love you and squash you.
  • When you fall off your horse, usually what’s most hurt is your pride.

Top Quotes About Horses & Eyes 2023

All the animals whether domestic or wild, communicate to humans through their eyes as well as a human does the same. Therefore, we have selected some of the top quotes about horses and success for you to post quotes about horses’ eyes.

  • In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens. -Jodie Mitchell
  • A true horseman does not look at a horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart. – Unknown
  • And indeed, a horse who bears himself proudly is a thing of such beauty and astonishment that he attracts the eyes of all beholders. No one will tire of looking at him as long as he will display himself in his splendor.” -Xenophon
  • A large and liquid eye… the swirl of dust around pounding hooves… these, then, are the images that move us.
  • I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free.
  • When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered. -Author Unknown

Most Loved Horse Freedom Quotes 2023

These are freedom quotes on horses that you can use today. We have compiled these horse freedom quotes top post about feeling freedom while riding your horse.

  • If you have seen nothing but the beauty of their markings and limbs, their true beauty is hidden from you.
  • Our hoofbeats were many, but our hearts beat as one.
  • Nothing moves me more than when on the way to fetching in my mare in the morning than the sound of her neighing to me as I open the gate.
  • Just because you can jump a fence going north doesn’t mean you can jump in going south.
  • The Breath of Paradise is that which blows between the ears of a horse. – Arabic Quotation
  • Who needs men when you have a horse?..oh..wait..someone’s gotta do the paying!
  • The only constant thing in life is change, and things can change rapidly when you’re dealing with horses.
  • Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.

Horse Best Friend Quotes 2023

We have compiled these quotes on horses, your best friend. Only horse lovers will understand the relationship between the horse and you. Therefore, copy and paste these amazing horse best friend quotes to show off your amazing friendship with the horse.

  • A mule is just like a horse, but even more so.
  • The love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being…If you never love a horse, you will never understand.
  • A horse is like a best friend. They’re always there to nuzzle you and make your life a better place.
  • Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse. – Danish Proverb
  • Of all creatures God made at the Creation, there is none more excellent, or so much to be respected as a horse. – Bedouin Legend
  • If anybody expects to calm a horse down by tiring him out with riding swiftly and far, his supposition is the reverse of the truth. – Xenophon
  • If a horse stands on you its because you’re in the way.

Thank you for checking out my favorite meaningful horse quotes that we compiled for you today! Let us know which of the listed horse quotes are your favorite.

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