Cheap Gifts:69 Inexpensive Gift Ideas 2024!

Gifts for New Year, including such festivals as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and many more.

This holiday season, you can select a gift from these 69 listed best gifts, and for more, you can see the comment section as well.

Here you will find gifts for women, gifts for men and kids as well.

Though, you can take inspiration for birthdays gifts as well.

1. Gift T-shirts/Phone case with funny words on them

Funny gift for Christmas or new year

Actually, you can print custom t-shirts/Phone cases, great gifts for friends and siblings as well. Also, you can choose from any funny word to tease them or appreciate them for being great. Truly, the best gifts for him/her.

There are so many online sites that print t-shirts like Customink, Underground shirt, Rushordertees, etc.

Go there, select your custom design/print & t-shirt, and an inexpensive but innovative gift is ready to tease your friend.

2. DIY spa kit for gift

Little girls always want a makeup kit, so I suggest getting them a DIY spa kit. Some light lip gloss, some bath salts, something like that.

However, you can collect them separately to make an even cheaper but likable spa gift kit basket.

Or just buy a whole spa kit basket online or from the store near you if you don’t have time.

3. Draw a picture to gift

Draw a picture to gift

I think if you’re a little kid and want to get in on the whole gift-giving thing, you could draw a picture…? I mean, that’s what I’ve always done, and still do practice sometimes.

You can draw kids(you’re gifting to) picture or their favorite cartoon character. Or, if you’re drawing for an adult then select carefully. Draw their sketch or something like that.

4. Gift a box full of candy

Gift a box full of candy

Kids would love a bottle full of candy. You can always go a little creative with bottle design as well.

5. Pictures of the children/grandchildren put on a mug

gift for dad and grandpa

Pictures of the children/grandchildren put on a custom coffee mug. Unquestionably, a custom mug gift is perfect for mom and dad too!

It makes a beautiful, long-lasting gift that everyone LOVES! Take a look at some amazing mugs online under $10.

They’ll use it often and will love it every day. It’s only about $10.00 for each mug.

6. Gift cards, sonic, cracker barrel, etc

Gift cards

Last year we gave $10 gift cards, sonic, cracker barrel, etc. I wrapped each of them in different colored paper and let everyone draw out one. Interestingly, kids loved it.

7. A nice poster or print in a good frame

gift frame

Often, for young people in their 20s, walls are covered up with unframed posters from collage, or totally bare. However, decorating other people at home is sometimes difficult. Therefore, you can use the Internet, full of talented artists creating really amazing art.

Or, you can find a nice poster from their favorite band, if they are into music.

8. Envelope Christmas: Unique gift

Something unique gift for kids

An envelope Christmas: make an envelope for every week of the year. Each week they got to open an envelope, which contained something special they got to do with you. It cost very little. It was just time together. Furthermore, you can try baking, going to the park, etc as well.

Definitely, One of my favorite out of all Christmas gifts.

9. Card with candy, nuts, popcorn or a healthy snack

Gift card with candy, nuts, popcorn or a healthy snack

Send all your friends and family a personalized gift which is, Christmas card this year and picks candies, nuts, popcorn, or a healthy snack, pick a label. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a tasty treat in their mailbox instead of a plain old Greeting Card?

Links are here:

10. Custom dog (or cat) collars gift

dog collar for gift

Actually, you can gift a collar in their favorite color otherwise just print your friend’s name on the collar. Surely, they’ll love it and also, you can gift a GPS dog collar or buy it from Amazon.

Whatever color you choose, make sure the color should be the dog’s favorite.!!

11. A slab of clay: Home-made gift for best friends

gift handmade creative mugs from clay

If you are a creative person, then, positively buy a huge slab of clay (not more than $10 at hobby lobby) and make Christmas mugs out of them by painting and adding names.

If you are interested in something else like painting, drawing, etc you can even do that as well.

12. Homemade fruit basket

Gift homemade fruit basket

Actually, a homemade fruit basket or any basket full of the recipient’s favorite items. Surely, you can find baskets and plastic covers at dollar stores, or your local craft store and spend less than $20 on the whole basket but your loved one would love this homemade gift basket for sure.

This fruit basket idea is not limited to Christmas or New Year, you can gift a fruit basket on mothers day, order from an online store.

13. Pewter

You can find the nicest pieces of pewter at a local thrift store and won’t cost you more than $2 each – including nice new pewter and the old pitted kind. However, some people don’t like this kind of gift. So, you better know their likes & dislikes.

Nonetheless, you can also consider gifting a mason jar, personalized keepsake, gift box, or become a secret Santa for kids, if you’re not sure, otherwise, skip this gift and choose from others from the list surely, you’ll find something.

14. Gift shopping at a pawnshop

Shop from pawnshop

You can consider shopping at a pawnshop. You may find a bargain on jewelry or something you know they’ll love as well.

15. Ethnic food specialties

Ethnic food as a gift

Some ethnic food specialties are available on Amazon like Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix, which tastes like the real thing. Absolutely, you can use them to introduce this wonderful Swedish delicacy to friends.

Amazon has some amazing ethnic food gift baskets available, you can get some inspiration from them.

Similar but different ideas.

16. Gift recipe cards

Recipe gift card

Recipes from a book or the Internet are great, or you can gift your friends their favorite dish cooked by you(they liked). Undoubtedly, this holiday gift always works- gift at least 2-3 recipes cards.

Buy recipe cards online to write their favorite dish on it, many customizable cards are available. Or, you can gift custom printed recipe cards from Paper Source

17. Scented candles gift

Scented candles gift

A nice scented candles gift set is always a good option when you are unable to find a gift, especially when your relationship is new(to guess their like/dislike).

On Amazon, there is a wide variety of Scented candle baskets available, you can choose.

18. A great cookbook

gift cook book

Certainly, you can help your friends in saving money by gifting the cooking book. There are many options available online, or you can visit a store in your town, cookbooks can be overwhelming. Indeed, I would recommend you to gift a nice cooking book, particularly those who are new to cooking and who want to save money.

You have the option of gifting a Kindle Ebook from Amazon if someone is a Kindle user, it’ll be cheap as well. Also, you can make your own cookbook by using your own recipe or ask your friends and family for help.

19. Baked goods

Homemade gift

Baked goods are easy to make i.e. pumpkin rolls, sugar cookies, etc. However, you can also get cute little tins at any dollar store or dollar tree. These can be the best food gifts!

20. Home-made coupon book

Gift home-made coupon book

My favorite “cheap” gift is a homemade coupon book! I’ve given them always for birthdays too! Interestingly, you could give a free babysitting, home-made meal, etc instead.

21. Nice socks

nice socks

Definitely, there is really nothing better than nice socks in my opinion.

22. Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar

Perfect for your friends who are into astronomy/astrology definitely. Furthermore, you can get a calendar printed, cool addition to any home.

23. Lip balm

Lip balm gift

For women, lip balm (I’m always losing mine). Specifically!!! Also, there are many online creative websites, where you can learn DIY how to Make Lip Balm at Home if you want to try something different.

24. A nice tote bag

gift tote bag

You can get writing tote bags, art tote bags, and many more always, so there’s no end, you can give this gift to anyone. Also, get tote bag custom print online very cheaply and you can choose your personal idea or choose from their available options.

25. Gift Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Filmstruck subscription

Gift subscription from Netflix, Hulu plus and filmstruck

Netflix subscription is great for that friend who’s yet to get the joy Money Heist. Additionally, if your friends want to stay current on their favorite shows Hulu is perfect for them. Basically, they provide all major videos on demand.

FilmStruck is a film streaming service from Turner Classic Movies which catered to cinephiles and focused on rare, classic, foreign, arthouse, and independent cinema. Surely, a perfect gift for that friend, who like classic movies.

And a bag of popcorn

26. Homemade nice socks

Home made therapy socks as gift

Nice therapy socks are awesome gifts! They’re also called “therapy bags.”

27. Homemade sugar scrub

sugar scrub gift

Surely, a homemade sugar scrub is fairly inexpensive.

28. Travel-size toiletries for gift

Gift travel-size toiletries

Airline security still refuses to let us take our full-size bottles of toiletries on the plane, and for check-in bags, they charge more than $25, a good travel kit filled with 3.4oz(100 ml) toiletries is highly recommended than ever before.

Best Travel Accessories

29. A loaf of homemade bread

Gift homemade bread

Unquestionably, anything homemade is inexpensive, indeed, it shows your love to them.

30. Key return tag from Pop-A-Lock

Gift key return tag from Pop-A-Lock

I found a free and funny one for a friend that’s lost her keys TWICE this year. It’s a key return tag from Pop-A-Lock (so if she loses them AGAIN, they return them free of charge). You can also try this gift as well.

31. Gift three-month subscription to BirchBox

Gift subscription to BirchBox

You can also gift a 3-months subscription from BirchBox, mostly women/girlfriends. Their monthly subscription service sends a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty-related products. Birchbox and similar like Boxycharm can be totally fine.

The products include skincare items, perfumes, organic-based products, and various other cosmetics.

32. Christmas tree ornament

Gift Christmas tree ornament

Undoubtedly, you can go a little creative here, choose ornament based on your friend’s relation, age, liking, etc.

33. Knit your friend a scarf

Gift scarf

Definitely, knit your friend a scarf in their favorite color.

34. A gift card to the local bookstore

Gift card to the local bookstore

Basically, this is a universally gifted item. You can gift coupons to your friends (loved ones/new friends) who are not into book reading. So, they can choose their own book.

35. Travel pillow

Gift Travel pillow

A nice printed travel pillow is a great gift for frequent travelers.

36. Voucher for a Groupon/LivingSocial, etc.

Gift voucher for a Groupon/LivingSocial

A voucher for a Groupon/LivingSocial, etc. for a restaurant/store that you know they’ll like. Actually, I think these types of coupons would go well if you have a business(shop, cafe, store, etc) and looking for something interesting to gift your employees, perfect cheap gift cards for business.

This will allow you to not worry if they like it or not, they can choose their own gif using these gift cards.

37. A deck of playing cards and a book of rules

Gift deck of playing cards and a book of rules

Introduce your family or friends to such classic games as whist, bridge, or the many varieties of poker. Moreover, you can choose a classic deck, or maybe for something themed, if you like these kinds of cards.

38. A great shade of nail polish, cotton, and remover

Gift nail polish

Consider something holiday-themed, like a nice yellow-green or a glowing orange-red. Nail polish is a trend as a gift nowadays.

39. A pack of a specialty beer

Gift pack of a specialty beer

You can get something local, seasonal, or something weird. Nevertheless, great for teasing that friend, still drinking Miller Lite at age 34.

40. MP4 cheap on most websites

Gift mp4/mp5

Certainly, kids love electronic gadgets, especially teenage boys.

International Travel On A Budget

41. Costume jewelry

Gift costume jewelry

Surely cheaper than the superior silver stuff, costume jewelry is great to impressive your friend with the colorful wardrobe who wears nothing but “statement necklaces”.

42. Nice stationery, a quality pen, and a few stamps

Gift nice stationery

Basically, decent stationery, a quality pen, and a few stamps are good for your colleague’s children or your own child as well.

43. Wax bears

Gift home made wax bears

Another great gift is wax bears. Get a slab of wax 7-8 dollars at a flea market 2 bottles of the same sent $20.00 melt wax add sent to get a stuffed animal to dip it in scented wax comb fur outlet dry and harden can make 8 or10 bears. Varying on the size of a bear.

Then, it will smell forever however, if it stops smelling all you have to do is take a blow-dryer and run across it. It’s a great gift for moms’ grandmas’ aunts anyone!

44. Decorative tin can, box, or jar

Gift decorative tin can

Buy a decorative tin can, box, or jar in your home or From the dollar tree of Course. And fill with your Halloween candy that you still have!!! Loll

45. Board games

Gift board games

You can with childhood classics like Jenga, Trouble, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, or Sorry. Or strategy games like Risk or Agricola. Try old-school!!

Interestingly, there are many board games apps from which you can get inspiration and make your own custom homemade board game.

46. Write, type, print scriptures from the Bible

Write, type, print scriptures from the Bible

Write, type, or print scriptures from the Bible, life quotes, or good advice. Place in a picture frame, or cut the inspirational words into many strips and place them in an empty jar, or bag. Whatever is empty in your room and not in use. Then label it as THE JAR OF HOPE or THE HAPPY BOX or A BAG OF INSPIRATION.

47. Scrapbooks from Michaels

You can buy scrapbooks from Michaels, 3 for $10. They came with 10 pages, so 20 slots counting back and front for scrap pages, or 2 leather scrapbooks @$10 each (they were 50% off). The leather ones are really nice because they have metal rings. So that you can add more page protectors if needed. And they are pretty large/wide. I think it’s a great gift.

Kohls also has good deals on scrapbooks sometimes. You can at times find them for 50-60% off and you end up paying right about $10-$12 (this is if you’re looking for fancier scrapbooks and you’re willing to pay more than $10 for a gift). Or there are digital scrapbooks are available online for gifts.

Also, you can try the Dollar Store (even Dollar & Up Stores), Big Lots or shop the clearance section for cheap supplies.

48. A belt

A belt

I don’t know the reason but everyone puts off buying a belt. A $10-$20 belt just seems too much to pay, however, it’s an essential accessory.

49. For pet lovers: A box of pet treats and a pet toy

A box of pet treats and a pet toy

Help your friends pamper their furry friends by gifting pet treats and a pet toy. You can select things and make your own box for sure. Or, just gift them a free month of BarkBox. Maybe, try to find out what Charlie or Molly’s favorite flavors and textures.

50. Small gardening tools

Small gardening tools

For new homeowners, suddenly find it difficult, care and tend to their own garden. Gardening tools could be a great help.

51. A kitchen tool

A kitchen tool

Actually, it takes a lot of time to stock the first kitchen, It would be a good choice to gift a can openerpotato peeler, or corkscrew for that friend who needs basic kitchen stuff. Also, you can even go fancier, a garlic press, a potato masher, or a pastry cutter would be great.

There is something called crossword kitchen tool, try to find if you can get it cheap. It would also be a nice gift.

52. Men’s grooming kit

Men’s grooming kit

This is the best item to gift for men. As you know, men need personal care items too.

53. Mugs w/ hot chocolate or coffee are great ideas! Especially for teachers!

Mugs w/ hot chocolate or coffee are great ideas

Especially for teachers, if you want to make holiday shopping even easier, buy a mug with hot chocolate or coffee.

54. Ornaments that you can write a person’s name on

Ornaments that you can write a person’s name on

Ornaments that you can write a person’s name on. You can find nice ornaments at the Dollar Stores or even possibly Walmart. I wouldn’t spend more than $2 on an ornament unless it was absolutely something. Mostly, great for teachers and for your small children, or little friends as well.

55. A journal or notebook with a personal note

A journal or notebook with a personal note

It can help increase focus, promote mindfulness, and boost memory by simply keeping a journal. Indeed, a good choice for a creative or analytical friend/child.

56. A little note box with notepaper in it and a pen

little note box with note paper in it and a pen

Another one for teachers – a little note box with notepaper in it and a pen. Afterward, you can have the child write a little message on the inside of the box so when it’s opened by your teacher, he/she will always see his/her message and appreciate it.

57. An action figure or some other kind of figurine

An action figure or some other kind of figurine

Actually, it would be a nice gift to give your friend or loved one a reminder of their loved TV show or book to add a little fun to their work table/workspace.

58. Wallet

Wallet gift

A nice wallet is essential that is mostly ignored by people for a gift. You can choose from card wallets or more full-bodied options. As well, there are lots of fun options, including options for people who still carry cash around.

59. A good $10 bottle of wine

A good $10 bottle of wine (plenty abound)

Primarily, your budget and what your friend likes will easily provide you with a good bottle of wine. You can even visit a wine shop if you don’t know anything. Wine store employees are a lot like librarians, they all day just dying for someone to ask them a question.

60. A flask: Gift

A flask

Indeed, you can get a simple flask for your minimalist friends, or a Johnnie Walker flask for your cool friend.

61. Bottle of decent olive oil gift

Bottle of decent olive oil

Have you ever watched Ina Garten’s show on the Food Network, Ina’s all about using some “good olive oil”? Gift a bottle of decent olive oil to your friend, who loves Garten’s show.

62. A mix CD, a $10 iTunes gift card, or a month (or two) of Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music

A mix CD, a $10 iTunes gift card, or a month (or two) of Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music

First, music is not only for hopeless crushes or your college girlfriend/boyfriend. Almost, when people get old, they lose interest in listening to new music or finding classic but cool old music. Make a playlist, mix old/new music, that will allow them to experience new and old music together.

63. The first issue of your favorite comic book or graphic novel series

The first issue of your favorite comic book or graphic novel series

Marvel and DC are not the only ones, who produce good comic books. Evidently, there are a lot more out there these days because for many years comic books are a growing market. Even more, you can experiment with new comic books for the gift this time.

64. Puzzle book (crosswords, Sudoku)

Puzzle book (crosswords, Sudoku)

Puzzle books are always fun for kids and adults as well. Furthermore, my favorite is crosswords, Sudoku for the gift.

65. Gift a travel guidebook for an upcoming vacation

A travel guidebook for an upcoming vacation

I think, probably it’s all about the thought. You definitely have a friend, always dreamed of going to Europe/Thailand? Give them some help and a travel guide book is the best tool to create their dream travel plan.

66. Winter skincare kit gift

Winter skin care kit

Give a gift that will protect its recipient from the winter, some nice lip balm, a good hand lotion, some cuticles oil, and maybe a facial moisturizer or shaving lotion

67. Homemade gift for Christmas

Homemade gifts for Christmas

Actually, this is one of the best from other homemade gift ideas for Christmas and any other festival, homemade biscuit- almond or chocolate dried cherry and also include a homemade hot cocoa mix or Russian tea mix. For instance, I have made homemade butterscotch and hot fudge sauce and given them in nice mason jars as gifts. Overall, very cheap to do- buy butter, sugar. and cream at Aldi’s. Everyone raves.

Furthermore, you can make wonderfully scented soap, Lebkuchen, and strudel for gifts. You can even go to resale shops and find really neat cookbooks for children as well. Above all, they aren’t high priced, and you can recycle them to another cook. This is a simple homemade gift idea..!!

I like to give something that can be used and not end up on the table at the garage sale in a few years.

68. Scarves: Ready-made gift


Scarves are always portrayed as the ultimate lame Christmas gift, but adults know that good scarves, especially warm ones, are key to good fashion and keep you warm. Clearly, a crochet needle is $1 and a ball of yarn is $2 each, which makes it inexpensive yet best for gifting.

69. Crafty gifts

Crafty gifts are great gifts from home decor to pets – trust. You can choose your gift from many crafty gifts here however for kids, stuffed bunnies are good.


These 69 inexpensive-yet-thoughtful gifts are a great way to buy your loved ones, these are budget-friendly holiday gift ideas that won’t break your budget.

This can be your gift guide, as you can take inspiration for other occasions like birthday gifts, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and many more holidays.

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