34 Epic DJ Khaled Quotes On Success & Life 2021

34 Epic DJ Khaled Quotes On Success & Life [currentyear] 1
34 Epic DJ Khaled Quotes On Success & Life 2021

Are you looking for DJ Khaled quotes on life and success?

Here we have compiled the best inspirational DJ Khaled quotes that include quotes and sayings about self love, life, and success. Whether you are a DJ Khaled fan who is looking for the best captions for Instagram or inspirational WhatsApp status, we have got you covered.

These quotes are collected from the best DJ Khaled song for motivations in life that can be useful for short Instagram captions for selfies on life and success.

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DJ Khaled Quotes For Your Smart Instagram Captions

DJ Khaled Quotes For Your Smart Instagram Captions

“They kick you when you’re down, but they wanna kick it when you’re up.” DJ Khaled

“I’m all about peace. I’m all about unity. I’m all about love.” DJ Khaled

“We gonna win more. We gonna live more. We the best.” DJ Khaled

“The key is that I’m the king.” DJ Khaled

“You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!” DJ Khaled

“Baby, you smart. I want you to film me taking a shower.” DJ Khaled

“Have good relationships.” DJ Khaled

“Life is amazing, always give thanks no matter what.” DJ Khaled

Motivational DJ Khaled Quotes From Speech

“Another one.” DJ Khaled

“Another one.” DJ Khaled

“I changed… a lot.” DJ Khaled

“Winning, to me, is easy. Winning more is the challenge.” DJ Khaled

“It’s going to work out, stay positive.” DJ Khaled

“Embrace your blessings, embrace peace.” DJ Khaled

“Keep all jealous people away from you.” DJ Khaled

“Hate is a waste of emotion, tell em to jump in the ocean.” DJ Khaled

“I wake up every day inspiring myself because God gave me life.” DJ Khaled

“Keep people around you that’s going to uplift you.” DJ Khaled

“We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat.” DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Success Quotes From Lyrics

DJ Khaled Success Quotes From Lyrics

“You can never run out of keys.” DJ Khaled

“Don’t ever play yourself.” DJ Khaled

“You gotta water your plants. Nobody can water them for you.” DJ Khaled

“Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.” DJ Khaled

“There will be road blocks but we will overcome it.” DJ Khaled

“They will try to close the door on you, just open it.” DJ Khaled

“The key to more success is coco butter.” DJ Khaled

“You have to work hard for more success.” DJ Khaled

“They never said winning was easy.” DJ Khaled

“To succeed, you must believe. When you believe, you will succeed.” DJ Khaled

“More wins, more blessings.” DJ Khaled

Funny DJ Khaled Quotes For Pics & Selfie Captions

Funny DJ Khaled Quotes

“Another one, no. Another two, drop two singles at a time.” DJ Khaled

“Congratulations, you played yourself.” DJ Khaled

“I can deal with everything. I got the answer to anything. This DJ Khaled.” DJ Khaled

“I don’t have any favorite rock bands. I’m a fan of rock music though.” DJ Khaled

“My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great.” DJ Khaled

Hopefully, these DJ Khaled quotes were useful for inspiring yourself and others around you at home, at work, and in your communities. If you need more song quotes on life or success then you can refer to these links or you can check out the links below.

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