17 Best Travel Accessories for International Travel

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Best Travel Accessories

Traveling won’t be fun without important travel accessories. The way of traveling has been changed in the last 5 years. People are getting information from online websites about things to carry or not. Out of the best, I have selected 17 best traveling accessories to pack for flight and for your worry-free trip.

best travel accessories for international travel

Here you will see day to day essentials for travel you should never miss carrying. Down below the list of travel essentials.

Rucksack backpack for traveling

best travel accessories for international travel

Rucksack backpacks are very essential for traveling anywhere because they are easy to carry and can be used for trekking as well. You can carry a rucksack bag with you every time whether its mountain trekking or day tour. Although, your traveling bag size should be medium which allows you to carry your bag as check-in (baggage) in the flight.

Most international flights allow check-in bags of a specific amount (weight) or size. Medium size bag can carry up to 15 days of essential items like clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. Therefore, you can save money on heavy luggage if you carry only required things. Your bag size should range from 40 L to 60 L because bags larger than 60L or smaller than 40L are not helpful. Usually, people carry more things when they have large bags which they don’t need at all. Also, the small bag doesn’t allow carrying essential things.

There are some good Rucksack Bags Brands available on Amazon at a very affordable price as well as essential in these travel accessories.

Small sling bag for travel

A sling bag is required for keeping traveling documents, mobile chargers, power banks, cameras, etc handy. Sling bags are highly recommended as you can carry essential things in it that you won’t be able to carry in a thing like a waist pouch. At the airport, you have to show your documents multiple times, so either carry your documents in hands or open your backpack every time. However, a sling bag allows you to keep them handy and keep them safe as you don’t need to carry in your hands.

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Small traveling bag

best travel accessories

Yes, small bags for travel (10-15L) other than your rucksack backpack and sling bag. However, you don’t need to carry anything in this bag just keep it in your backpack. You’ll need this bag when you reach your destination and start exploring.

Nobody wants to carry 15-20 kg backpack and hiking or trekking. Keep your rucksack bag in your hostel/hotel and carry only those things which you’ll need like, water bottle, small towel, snacks, etc. You can save a lot of money using this bag. Touristy places are highly expensive and people generally spend 2-3 times more on food(snacks) and water. However, you won’t spend on these items generally in non-touristy places. Carrying snacks and water can save up to Rs 600-1000 ($ 10-15)/day.

Saving $ 10-15/day (Rs 600-1000) can allow you to travel more. On a 10-day trip, you can easily conserve $ 100-150 (Rs 7-10000). Places like Vietnam or Thailand, you can travel for 5 days including food and local transport in $ 100-150. Saving is good for traveling even if don’t care. So, a small bag is the 2nd most important accessory out of 17 travel accessories.

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Trimmer for travel

Trimmer for travel

Who doesn’t like to look good in photos? While traveling, you meet other travelers and the first impression is always important. Trimmers are very important as they are rechargeable. However, you can carry a shaving kit instead of trimmers. But shaving is a lengthy process as compare to trimming and also trimmers are very small nowadays.

Some good brands like Phillips, Panasonic, etc are quite reliable as well as long-lasting. Additionally, you can choose trimmers, charged using power banks or mobile charger as well.

Traveling power bank

Power banks are as important as smartphones. Get a power bank below 20 watts rating because many airlines don’t allow power banks more than 20 watts.

Due to heavy usage, mobile phones and cameras discharged quickly. Additionally, you won’t get charging points on the move and also you don’t need to stop for charging. You can charge your mobile phone and camera(USB) as well if you have more than 15000 mAh power banks.

Additional travel charger

Mobile phones drained fast while traveling because of using navigation and keeping brightness high due to outdoor. That leads to charging your phone more often. I’ll definitely recommend you carry an extra mobile charger with you.

Generally, people forget their chargers in the hotel/hostel. Also, electronics items can stop working anytime but mostly where you don’t want. Therefore, having an extra charger can be life-saving.

Sunglasses for travel photo

Sunglasses are also very important because people generally travel in the daytime. Which makes it difficult to see things in the day time and also you’ll get a headache at the of the day. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays as well. Beautiful vacation photos are more important than anything else while traveling. Sunglasses allow you to take photos whether it’s windy or sun-facing. However, multiple glasses allow you to experiment on looks. So, don’t forget to carry at least 2-4 sunglasses with you.

Sunglasses are the 3rd most important out of 17 travel accessories.

Small Towel for travel

Small towels are easy to dry and can be used for face and hand drying. Most traveling is done in the day time and that can be hot. Also, who doesn’t want to look fresh every time they click photos. A small towel can easily be carried in a small bag if you have one. Although you can carry tissue wipes but towels are reusable and inexpensive compares to tissue wipes.

You can easily get some branded and very soft small towels on Amazon and you can compare different brands altogether.

Slippers for trekking

Generally, people either carry expensive slippers or they don’t carry slippers at all. If you are traveling to a desert place or beach then you should carry good slipper but inexpensive. Buying slippers from touristy places can be expensive or you may not find your size. Cheap slippers are important as you cannot wear shoes all day long. No worry if you forget them in your hostel/hotel or anywhere.

Credit card for traveling abroad

Many travelers are traveling free by just using credit cards in their favor. You can use reward points earned from using a credit card which can help you to save money on travel at least.

  • There are many credit card companies that provide reward points as a welcome offer.
  • You can use a credit card to pay for monthly expenses like groceries, electricity bill, mobile bill, gasoline (petrol/diesel), etc.
  • Collect reward points so you can use them for traveling(flight tickets, accommodation).

Credit cards can be handy in a bad situation as well as you can use reward points to pay for your flight tickets or hotel. Some countries have very low transaction charges (transaction charges are additional charges when you pay using your credit card like a restaurant, taxi(online), shopping, etc.)

However, credit card usage is not advised on your international trip. Basically, don’t use your credit card outside your country otherwise you’ll be charged high(transaction charges). However, keep 1-2 credit cards as a backup but don’t use until it’s required.

Why not use the credit card on an International trip

Why you shouldn’t use your credit card outside your country. Here are 3 factors works against using a credit card on your international trip.

  1. Transaction charge (10-20%).
  2. Currency conversion charge (3-10%).
  3. Charges (depends on the country) paid to use a credit card in the country you are traveling to.

So, be careful before using your credit card. Lastly, utilize credit card reward points to help you budget your travel.

Credit cards can not be considered as an accessory, but they are as important as anyone in this list of 17 travel accessories.

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Trekking shoes for rent or sports shoes

Walking or trekking sports shoes are good for traveling. However, you can use any sports shoes (running) but you can use walking shoes that are not expensive and lightweight. You should avoid expensive shoes if you are staying in hostels. You will have to leave your shoes in a common area and you may lose them.

Lightweight trekking shoes can also be used also because there are many brands that provide multi-purpose (walking and trekking) shoes. Walking in a lightweight shoe will be comfortable as well as easy to carry with luggage. Comfortable shoes are very essential and you should be 4th in your priority out of these 17 travel accessories.

Swimming wear for beach

Swimming wears are also important to carry with you and buy them before you travel. Basically, you can select size and color and also you can try different brands. Swimming costumes are as important as any other item in these travel accessories because you can not swim in your casual wear. Although you can rent swimwear but not recommended.

You shop online in the festive season to get a great discount. For example, Amazon is a good website for online shopping, there you’ll get almost 60-80% of these travel accessories. Otherwise, you may have to buy what is available like color, size or both. This is the best travel gear for women who love sunbathing or like beautiful beach photos.

Waterproof mobile pouch Decathlon

Nowadays people do carry a waterproof pouch for mobile but not many people understand the importance of waterproof pouch for mobile. I’ll just share one incident with you:-

Short story on “why waterproof mobile pouch is important?”

Me (non-swimmer) and one of my friends (Sami average swimmer) were kayaking at Raiely Beach, Phuket, Thailand. In the middle, Sami wanted to click some photos because the view was amazing. Afterward, he took out his mobile phone from a waterproof bag which was provided by the boat vendor. This bag provided for keeping things dry while I was waiting for him to finish, so I could take photos.

Suddenly we saw 1 large wave came toward us and next second we were in the water. Sami had his phone in his hand when that wave hit us. He dropped his phone in the water because that’s human nature when it comes to life or death.

After Raiely beach kayaking incident

What you can learn from this incident?

When in water never take out your electronic gadgets or keep them in a waterproof pouch(case). You may still lose your phone in water even in a waterproof bag. Only take out when you are confident enough to keep it safe. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing everything you’re carrying on a boat.

Sunscreen lotion for tanning

Tanning and sunburn are very common while traveling. You should always use good branded sunscreen with a rating SPF 50 or more. There are many brands available online. This one is also an important travel gear for women. Out of all, I would recommend these 3 sunscreen brands international travelers are using.

  1. Lakme
  2. Nivea
  3. Himalaya

All these brands are tested and trusted by millions of users and rated 4+ stars on Amazon. Choose sunscreens according to your skin requirement otherwise go for all types of skin sunscreen.

Small tripod for travel

A small tripod is a very important accessory for solo travelers. You may not get help from fellow travelers or locals for clicking random but beautiful pictures. Sometimes when there is no one to ask take a picture but the view or landscape is mesmerizing and then realizes the importance of tripod and regret it. This is why the tripods are the 5th most important out of these 17 travel accessories.

Nevertheless, every traveler should have this accessory at least 1. Tripod is easy to carry in sling/small bags as well.

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is highly recommended as well as the most important for travelers even if you are traveling for 2-3 days.

However, many countries won’t allow you to enter without travel insurance. But some countries do allow entry without travel insurance. People consider this as an opportunity for money saving and don’t buy travel insurance at all. Never travel without travel insurance because bad things can happen unexpectedly. Not having travel insurance al all can empty your pocket or you have to end your trip in the middle.

Therefore, research for the best travel insurance from a trusted company before buying. There are 100’s of insurance companies you can choose from. Travel insurance is your only friend who can help you out from bad situations.

Spare phone for traveling

The spare phone also important. Mobile phones are electronic and can stop working anywhere without any warning or you may lose your phone as I mentioned above. Spare phones can be used instead of the main phone as well. Nowadays almost everything is booked online from taxi to hotels/hostel. You need a phone searching for touring places, navigation, and photo. Spare phone can be handy if you lose your phone. Buy a spare phone as per your budget.


Traveling can be fun if you have the required accessories and planning. You may have to add or leave some accessories on this list depends on the destinations. These are the best travel accessories recommended for International travel. However, you can improvise as per your need but these accessories.

Keep your luggage as light as possible and small. Every essential accessory is included in this list. You can get these best travel accessories on Amazon online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy travel accessories?

Almost, all necessary travel items are available online on Amazon. However, for more cheap option, you can try Aliexpress.

For any suggestions or queries, please leave the comment down below.

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