Countries to travel on the first solo trip

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Top 10 Country for the first solo trip

Here I’m going to discuss which Country to travel on the first solo trip should be safe and budget-friendly. Firstly Budget-friendly and Safe places should be your priority. In other words, you don’t want anything goes crazy on your initial solo tour.

Above all, you don’t require skills as you can enjoy and easily manage your budget in these nations.

first solo trip

1. Thailand is a very welcoming culture nation. Very comfortable and safe for solo tourists. Thailand has everything for everyone. In addition, you can surely find a spot for you. Party, Peace, Ancient Places, Beaches, Bar Clubs, Meeting travelers from other countries. Moreover, in Thailand, you can easily find budget hotels, share hostel.

In my opinion and the no. of international travelers/year, Thailand is one of the best countries to travel solo female

2. Indonesia is sort of similar to Thailand’s welcoming culture but more economical than Thailand and safe also for first solo trip.

3. The Philippines has several beautiful beaches in the world and a welcoming culture at the same time. You’ll encounter every next beach artistic than these last one. This is also more affordable and safe, as the above countries.

4. Vietnam is not as developed as Thailand but it’s a safe and welcoming culture nation for solo tourists and budget-friendly also.

first solo trip

5. Cambodia is also very popular with solo tourists because it’s safe and affordable. There you’ll see some amazing scenery.

6. India is the largest(area) amongst any countries here. It’s a multi-culture country. Moreover, you’ll observe the diverse culture, language, and cuisine in every 100-200 km.

Most importantly this nation has beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, and countless more. Therefore this is a must-visit the place at least once.

7. Nepal is not limited to Mt. Everest(Longest in the world) yet their history is also very individual and engaging. Moreover, there are many activities to choose from like hiking, Ice skating, touring, etc.

8. Sri Lanka has some beautiful beaches which are not traveled by many tourists but they are amazing. This country is also a safe and budget-favorable country.

9. Bhutan is the only carbon negative and most peaceful country in the world. Very small but beautiful and has excellent old monasteries. However, it’s expensive for foreign travelers except 2-3 countries.

10. South Korea is the most developed country in this list. This country has something for everyone as you can surely endure $50-500 per day. Safe and free culture country that’s why South Korea is the best for solo travel.


Now you can select your destination as per your budget and availability. Almost all destinations are budget-friendly and safe for all types of travelers. However, before choosing the country you need to plan your trip in a way that you can utilize your time efficiently.

So book your tickets and get ready for the new adventure.


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