10 Important Things For Traveling

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10 Important things for traveling freely

10 Important things for traveling

10 Important things?

Important things a tourist should carry while traveling are below listed 10 most important of them are as follows:-


Medicines are most important in this list. Make a list of medicines you’ll need according to destination because generally people suffer from bad stomach/diarrhea while traveling.

Sometimes people adjust quickly and sometimes they don’t. It’s good to have a basic medication.

Small Bag

A small bag is as important as your luggage. It can be handy for day to day outing. You don’t need to carry your luggage at every place you explore. Therefore, keep a small bag can be used for carrying basic things with you

Power Bank

You need a backup for your gadgets. It’s an essential thing to carry for taking some beautiful photos for good memories you can look back to.

Extra Mobile

Many time people end up losing their phone or phone stopped working. You need an extra phone to click the photo, direction, etc.

Sunscreen(hot places)

Good quality 50 SPF sunscreens is a must carry when you are traveling places like Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Full Sleeves T-Shirts

Whether it’s a hot or cold place you’re going you need a full sleeve t-shirt. In hot place, it’ll protect your skin from getting sunburn and you don’t want a mosquito to ruin your whole trip.

Shorts(mostly hot places)

Sometimes it’s difficult to travel wearing pants/jeans. Shorts can be comfortable and you can save some space in your luggage for other things.


To protect you from sunburn and mosquito.

Snickers Bar Chocolates

Tourist places are mostly expensive for eating like monuments, national parks, etc.

Comfortable Sport Shoes

Comfortable doesn’t mean an expensive shoe. A $ 20-25 shoe will work fine if it’s comfortable.


Firstly don’t rely on other fellow travelers which is a very common mistake you can do. Moreover, ask your family doctor about the medication you may need.

Secondly, recheck everything 1 hour before leaving for a trip. As a result, no last-minute panic. For instance, people forget their tickets or passport. Similarly, keep a checklist for everything.

Thirdly and most importantly keep hydrated your body all the time. Almost every traveler commits these mistakes, especially in hot places.

And lastly, carry at least 3-4 pairs of socks if possible. However, you can buy them from anywhere.

Comment down below for any query or suggestion.

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